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How Tiny Prints is Winning at Customer Service

I learned about Tiny Prints during the summer of 2010. I was talking about the company with a few people at my work and no one had heard of them. I had checked out their website and seen the cool products they offered. Next thing you know the holidays were rolling around the corner and my wife and I needed to get our Christmas cards taken care of. We were tired of the long floppy prints you get at Walgreens or CVS and wanted something different. We had my sister take the perfect picture which included our dog. We perused the Tiny Prints website and found a stylish design that came on card stock. The prices were a little bit more expensive, but you were also getting quality. Everything turned out great and we received so many great comments during our holiday celebrations.

Tiny Prints Christmas CardA year later we were back in the same spot, but running a little late. It was around December 10, 2011 and we were just taking our picture. I set up the tripod and had the cheese ready to get our dog Rex to pay attention. I hit the timer, ran in for the picture and flash. We ended up getting it on the 3rd try. I was pretty impressed with our efforts. That night I picked out the perfect card at Tiny Prints that matched the colors of our picture. I got the wife approval and ordered.

Now, since we were running out of time in December, I paid the extra $20 or so bucks to have it expedited and arrive in 3 days. The next night I realized I was looking at the wrong address list and we needed to order an extra 30 cards. I hop back on the Tiny Prints website and was easily able to re-order the prints we just purchased. I am sure I am not the only person that does that! Again I pay for the fast shipping which was roughly another $20.

A few days pass and I am expecting the first shipment of cards to arrive. I log on to track our order and notice they are still not even in our state! After paying the $20 for fast shipping I was pretty upset. Whats the point of paying the extra money if they arrive late? I sent an email to the customer service department explaining my frustration and asking for a refund on my shipping costs. They promptly got back to me and explained they were running late on some orders during this Holiday season. I understand where they are coming from and was glad when they refunded my shipping.

Two days later the first package arrives and it also happens to be the day the second package was supposed to come. I log on to track the shipment and AGAIN it is out of state still. I thought the first occurrence was a one off experience. I was a little frustrated and contacted them for a refund again. They replied right away to apologize and refunded the shipping expense again. The cards eventually arrived and everything worked out, but I told my wife that I was not sure if we would use Tiny Prints again.

About a month later we received a letter from Tiny Prints in the mail. It was a typed note explaining their gratitude for our business and making amends for their delays during the Christmas rush. Along with the card was a $50 gift certificate. Boom! It was perfect because my wife was pregnant and due on March 1st. We knew we would be sending out birth announcements. It was a classy move by Tiny Prints and they definitely saved their customer with the maneuver.

Tiny Prints NoteOn February 24th we welcomed our son Mason to the world. It had been very busy since his birth and we finally had some pictures taken of us. I grabbed our $50 gift certificate and ordered some really neat cards from Tiny Prints. They arrived in the mail just this week. We also received a small envelope in the mail the same day which had my hand written name on it. I don’t believe it had a return address and so I opened it up wondering what it could be. It turns out that it was a very nice note from Ophelia at Tiny Prints, and again, it was hand written. She was nice enough to take the time to congratulate us on our son Mason and commented on how she liked the picture which included our dog. I was blown away. I showed it to my wife Lisa and she was amazed as well. She loved how it was a personal message and not just a typed template.

Sometimes the little things will make a huge difference. We are not always perfect, but putting in the effort and always trying your best will win you many karma points in life. In this case, it is safe to stay that Tiny Prints has some lifelong customers.

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